Turning experience into words

I'm trying to write more — to crystalize my knowledge and to share it. I believe that the best way to ensure you understand something is to explain it to someone else. And sharing articles often result in comments that give me additional insights into the topic.

Playable projects

I work as a game developer, so it's rare to have the motivation to bring side projects to market. Instead, I have a lot of game jam games and prototypes. Many aren't publicly, but I've posted some on itch.io.

Tweaking my vimrc

After more than a decade of vim, I've written a lot of customizations and automations. Much of it I've extracted into plugins.

I've written many of my own plugins including vim-searchsavvy for lots of search utilities, vim-endoscope to close scope manually (for those of us who don't like autopairs), AsyncCommand which was one of the first async command runners, and vim-remarkjs to turn Markdown into self-contained html slideshows (using remark.js).

I've extended other people's plugins for drastic improvement like textobj-word-column.vim to facilitate block selections or vim-notgrep to use grep-like programs like ripgrep with automatic regex conversion.

Of course, I've also written several gamedev-focused plugins. vim-unityengine to access Unity from vim and unity-vimeditor to launch vim from Unity. vim-unreal for editing Unreal files. Since we don't often get to use git in gamedev, I've written vim-sovereign to work with svn and improved minor issues in vim-perforce.