General Gamedev Info

David · March 6, 2019

I’ve worked in gamedev for more than a decade, and would like to help others get started. I’m also curating some links and notes about the business side of games since that’s where I have little experience.

Getting Started

r/gamedev’s No-nonsense Getting Started Guide


Tools & Software

There’s too much to list it all, so we’ll link to some other lists:

  • magictools - A list of Game Development resources to make magic happen.
  • awesome-gamedev - A collection of Free Software resources for making games.




Sending Keys to Media

Woovit obliterates competition by a longshot by offering everything and more – however, this is very “passive”, so if you want to actively seek out, suck up the $150 cash for keymailer or simply save the money by using YouTube filters.


Steam Page Analysis

  • So_you_want_to_have_a_kickass_steam_page - guidance on designing your Steam page.
  • SteamLikes is a reverse lookup for Steam’s “More Like This” to help you tune your Steam page to show up in other game’s “More Like This”.
    • If Steam has incorrectly categorized a dev’s game, the dev can enter games that they think are similar to their game, see if the “Likes” match their demographic, and copy the tags from good matches. (I’m not sure what else you can change to influence the algorithm.)

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